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Mom of Two Loses 31lbs in 57 days… here’s how


Mom of Two Loses 31lbs in 57 days… here’s how

After Sarah’s second child was born, she became an “overweight, grumpy, tired shell” of her former self.

She was so irritable she’d snap at her husband over “little nothings”…

She’d wake up ready for her next nap…

And in ONE year, 30 lbs of flab flooded onto her belly, butt, and neck. Not good…

The worst part was, no matter what (or how little) she ate… or how much she worked out… she could never drop more than a few lbs. (Which were always quick to come back.)

What she didn’t realize at the time was…

Her weight gain, mood swings, and exhaustion were “thanks” to a little-known “molecule deficiency” hiding inside her body.

Luckily, after finally discovering the fix, it was only days before she had the energy to mop the floor for the first time in months — and totally pass on her mid-day nap…

Her mood swings and irritability faded away. As she transformed into a more patient, loving mother and wife…

And the belly, butt, and neck flab started melting away like butter on a hot pan. She even went on to lose 31 lbs in under 57 days.

Now, she’s sharing exactly how she did, right here:

Sarah lost 31lbs in 57 days by eating THIS first thing in the morning (Fixed her “molecule deficiency”)

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