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When you suspect hormones are stopping you from losing weight


When you suspect hormones are stopping you from losing weight

I’ve just finished another busy day here at the office and was seconds from walking out the door when …

… I noticed a rather unusual email come in from a long-time friend, Jayson Hunter.

Normally, I’d just let things like this slide until the morning.

But what Jayson sent over stopped me dead in my tracks.

And though it was getting late, I snatched up my phone and called him.

“Jason, I’ve just read your email. I’ve never known you to exaggerate, so tell me you’re not pulling my leg right now.”

“I’m not.” Jayson responded, “It’s all true. I have the documentation and scientific proof on hand.”

“What about real-world results?” I asked.

“Got it. Tons of it.”

“You’re absolutely confident in this research?” I asked.

“I am.” Jayson replied.

“Forgive the skeptic in me,” I continued, “but brother…how do we know for certain this isn’t more weight loss hype, B.S., and lies made up by spammy marketers?”

“I can guarantee it,” Jayson said, “because I did the research.”

“Really? You personally did this research?”

“Yes sir, at the deepest levels.”

“What you’re saying then, is that science has finally found a real solution to hormone-resistant weight loss?”

“That’s right,” Jayson said, “and there’s finally an all-natural way to balance the hormones responsible for weight gain.”

“I must admit you have my attention. Tell me more.”

“I will. But due to the late hour, let’s catch up tomorrow. Until then, I’ll leave you with this. We’re talking about a breakthrough formula from two independent sources –– and so scientifically advanced –– even the federal government is protecting it with four U.S. patents.”

“What? The government has awarded four patents? Dude, I’ve never heard of any supplement—ever—with that kind of protection. Now I really can’t wait to hear more!”

And with that, he sent this page over the next day.

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